Sunday, 29 November 2009

AS-Level Blog update and progress grades

If you're reading this without me having to direct you here, well done. You're one step closer to getting that A-grade that you are capable of.

I have started writing your reports and can say that the following blogs demonstrate good practice in the following fields.

Moodboards: Frankie Rose

Photoshoot plans: Ama and Hana

Front cover analysis: Tamana

The top grade awarded was a B. At this stage in the course, it is not possible to award an A-grade for planning, simply because nobody has yet planned and completed a Front cover yet.

It was difficult to award more than 3 B's as a lot of students did not have all the work on their blog. When you get your feedback sheet, you should aim to update your blog with all your work, be it at home, on your memory stick or in the closet.

No excuses please.

Friday, 20 November 2009

A2 Copyright free music for film teasers (this link can only be accessed in school)

A2 Homework DUE FRI 27 November

1) Produce project plan/timeline: Use template in
U:Year13/Media Studies/Resources/Research and Planning/Project Plan

2) Produce animoto moodboard

3) Produce shotlist

4) Produce storyboard

5) Produce contact list (e-mails, phone numbers and free dates [AM/PM] for all actors)

6) Produce props/costume list (have a seperate list for what you do not have, email this to all actors, family and friends)

Plan for Friday 27 November's lesson:
Finalise key questions,
Finalise exact shoot locations and dates, first reconnaisance's
Produce animatic
Annotate storyboards
Watch existing teasers/trailers

Write up research of existing teasers/trailers of same genre.
Finalise synopsis

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

AS MEDIA-Ms Furlong's Films

They can be found at:

U:\Pupil Share\Ms Furlong\Youth Drama

Monday, 9 November 2009