Friday, 20 November 2009

A2 Homework DUE FRI 27 November

1) Produce project plan/timeline: Use template in
U:Year13/Media Studies/Resources/Research and Planning/Project Plan

2) Produce animoto moodboard

3) Produce shotlist

4) Produce storyboard

5) Produce contact list (e-mails, phone numbers and free dates [AM/PM] for all actors)

6) Produce props/costume list (have a seperate list for what you do not have, email this to all actors, family and friends)

Plan for Friday 27 November's lesson:
Finalise key questions,
Finalise exact shoot locations and dates, first reconnaisance's
Produce animatic
Annotate storyboards
Watch existing teasers/trailers

Write up research of existing teasers/trailers of same genre.
Finalise synopsis

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