Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Y12 Homework

Complete photoshoot plan for school magazine front cover.

If you've lost the form it's in:

U:/Year 12/Media Studies/Resources/Week 2

Mr Lau


Y12 key learning points

Martin Heidegger: An object's function is defined by the space around it. Therefore the space around any object, be it art, film or photography is important.

Pathetic Fallacy (in film): When nature expresses the emotion/feeling of the human beings in a scene. e.g. when the sun conveys the mood of happiness and warmth or when a thunderstorm symbolises violence/anger/dark forces.

Incongruous juxtaposition: Two clashing objects/ideas/themes/words placed side by side. This usually emphasises the contrast between the two. E.g. putting a kid wearing ragged clothes next to a father in a suit:

Year 13 Hwk Reminder

Analyse one teaser using the spreadsheet grid: U:\Year 13\Media Studies\Resources\Teasers

Also analyse one poster fully using standard Mise en scene, Denotation, Connotation.

Due Weds 22nd.