Monday, 13 December 2010

AS Media Checklist and Deadlines

If you’re in an Art/Textiles exam, please see me Weds lunch on main site room A12 for your feedback.
You can also copy up / photocopy DPS notes from your peers.

7th Jan 3.30pm:

1. Second draft of front cover on blog

2. 2x Music Mag cover analysis

3. Moodboard/Inspiration for Whole Magazine

10th Jan 1.30pm:

1. DPS Analysis Presenatation

14th Jan 3.30pm:

1. Photoshoot Plan for DPS

2. Photoshoot for DPS

3. Commentary on shoot-chosen images (DPS)

4. Mockup of DPS (Drawing or publisher)

If you get time, I would advise doing some photoshoots over xmas.

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