Thursday, 1 January 2009

Mon 12th Jan Analysing Front Covers

Use these questions to analyse at least 2 music magazine front covers:

What type of magazine is it?

From the front cover what kinds of issues/articles are going to be inside?

Who is the target audience for the magazine? What particular age group? What are their interests? How do you know all of this?

What mode of address is the mag using? What does this tell you about the type of relationship it wants with its reader?

Who is on the front cover and why?

What does the main cover line say? What does this imply about the artist/band?? What overall message is the artist/band giving?

Are any (social/ethnic/political) groups being represented? How does the magazine represent them?

Are there any ‘buzz’ words? What effect does it have on the reader?

What does the design of the mast head tell you about the magazine? What does the title of the magazine tell you about:
1. the readership
2. its image
3. its style

What do the ‘kickers’ in the coverlines suggest will be inside the magazine? What does this tell you about the type of audience the magazine expects to get?

Is there a strapline/selling line/slogan? What does it tell you about the magazine? How does it help to attract readers?

What colours are used? Do you find them attractive?

What fonts are used and why?

What strategies does the magazine use to attract the audience?

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