Friday, 23 January 2009

Presentation tips

Minimum 36 Point text. High contrast colours e.g. black+white. black+yellow, neon colours, red+black. Think about football shirts. Be aware of political correctness for international presentations (Red is rude in most western contexts).

Step 3 feet away from your monitor, if you cannot read it. Neither can we.

Be Enthusiastic. Nothing is more boring than listening to someone who sounds bored. Captivate your audience and...

Use eye contact. Maintain eye contact with everyone. If you feel asthough someone is switched off, move into their personal space maybe and try to gain eye contact or attention. Roam around, your aaudience is not just left or right. They're in the whole room.

Use images to illustrarte not to decorate. Crop out the insignificant bits, use shapes to highlight important areas. Don't over-animate either. It's a presentation, not a cartoon/magic show.

5 bullet points max per slide. Or even better none at all. Break convention and do away with boring bulletpoints.

Don't use paragraphs or significant amount of text either.

Do not read "word for word" from your slides, have your own notes on a card and rehearse so that you will rarely need them.

To engage, keep it short and to the point. Ask appropriate questions to involve your audience. It shouldn't just be one way.

5 mins max. 3 mins minimum.

Surprise me. There will be a prize for the best presentation(s). I'll be looking for good content, analysis, use of keywords, presentation slide design and presentation style.


You can also use powerpoint to do most of your work for your blog. You can then save as images/jpeg and it will make it much easier to upload than doing printscreens.

For an example. look at Michelle's or Shenaz's Blogs below:

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