Monday, 2 February 2009

DPS Presentation Awards

After hours of deliberation, the winners of the DPS Presentation awards were as follows:

All Star Award

For excellence in all areas: Design, Delivery Style and Analysis.

Christina opened strong by defining the audience of her magazine, using social group profiling and naming her audience as mainly C1/C2. Her presentation started with a high standard and continued with a thorough analysis and really informed her audience about her DPS.

Her presentations style was calm, confident, yet casual. She made her audience comfortable by not overwhelming them with too much information and spoke clearly and passionately about her DPS.

An "All Star" performance. Well done.

Overall score: 24/30

Design Award

For creativity and excellence in Design.

Lydia took a daring approach by opting not to use the standard MS Powerpoint template and to re-invent the style of a typical presentation. She sourced vibrant images from photobucket and other sites on the internet, but then laid these out with a fine artistic quality.

Her slides informed the reader about the type of artist and re-packaged the somewhat "standard" DPS in to a multi-scensory experience.

The audience was wowed by her design and each slide was a refreshing variation on a theme.

Graphic Designer, Carl Stratton described it as "brave" and complimented her for not being afraid to manipulate the images in an extreme way.

A stunning design which showed a great application of all the design principles learnt throughout the course.

Certainly a designer to watch in the future.

Design score: 8.5/10

Style Award

For excellence in the delivery and style of the presentation.

Many people lacked enthusiasm about their DPS, so this was a very difficult award to give out. In the end, I felt that Lucy's use of timed animations. Her relaxed demeanor, professional dress and confidence in her presentation gave her a slight advantage.

She came well-rehearsed and did not simply dump her script on to slides. Her use of ICT was professional and overall, this was a pleasing presentation.

Style score: 7.5/10

Analysis Award

For excellence in analysis and overall content .

It is difficult to strike a balance between depth and breadth of content and analysis in a 6-minute window. However, Tyrone's confidence in media language ensured that he could (quite casually) deconstruct a DPS and show the readers why he thought the DPS worked and how it conformed to and challenged media conventions.

He also managed to present this calmly and casually, addressing the audience like peers/friends. This somewhat unconventional and unprofessional approach worked well in this case as it ensured the audience could understand quite complex terminology being used.

Analysis score: 8.5/10

Work in progress

All art work was mastered by Graphic Designer Carl Stratton and supported by Ariane Gras. The pieces were completed primarily using Uni Posca Paint markers.

Carl working on the Style award:

A final word

My main advice would be to present with passion and enthusiasm. Often, presentations will decide whether you get a job, the highest grade at university or A-Level or a multi-million pound contract in industry. It is a chance to showcase your work.

Think about how you can be different, creative, professional, confident and an all star presenter.

Do your work justice by coming prepared, involve your audience, incorporate all the vocabulary, skills and knowledge since September. Do not be afraid to bring other subject-knowledge in to the mix. Finally, have a clear beginning, middle and end.

If you scored over 20, you did well for a first presentation. Please do take on my feedback and do not be disheartened, there will be more awards in the future.

Those interested in custom canvases, please e-mail Carl directly at:

Well done for your efforts on your first media presentation. Hopefully you can apply what you have learnt to all your other subjects and presentations later on in life. Please keep up the hard work throughout your coursework.

Next awards will be for:

  • Planning and Research (Blog)

  • Photography

  • Production Skills-Photoshop editting, Front Cover, TOC and DPS

  • Evaluation (Blog)

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