Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fri 13th Lesson

First of all apologies for not being there today. I'm alive and well, but not very mobile.

I am sure you will all be able to work productively without my assistance, having completed preliminary tasks of a high standard.

Here's my checklist for you today (VERY IMPORTANT: Please also read the previous post below regarding working on photoshop in school)

Please finish your front cover and upload it to your blog by 5.30pm.

I will look over them all at this time, and give you critical feedback.

Your blog at present should have:

·     Copy of Questionnaire (Planning and research)

·     Graphs with accompanying analysis

·     Masthead research

·     Front Cover Anlaysis x2

·     DPS Analysis x2

·     DPS Presentation

·     Front Cover photoshoot plan

·     Front Cover mockup

·     Front Cover with commentary

As promised, I will not set you half term homework as I am aware that you have plenty of revision for Ms. Furlong’s module. However, I would expect to find your blogs up to date.

If you do get a chance to do so during half term, please do take some (appropriate) photo’s for your Table of contents or Double Page Spread as it will save you some valuable time.

Thanks for your hard work this term. I think you've all made some good progress and some beautiful publications. Have a good rest, work hard and play hard and I will see you all in the new term.

Mr Lau

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