Friday, 16 October 2009

AS Homework Response to student questions

Question 1, what do you mean by 'coventions' and 'develop and challenge the forms'

Conventions of standard magazine design-Masthead at the top, left third, Main cover image, use of cover lines-kickers and explanatory text, barcode, price date line etc. Do you stick to all these standards or develop/challenge them. Is a barcode necessary for a school magazine for example?

Question3, when you asked 'the kind of media institution' wuold it just be available in schools and colleges- is this what you mean

Yes a 6th form college or school. Is it:

All boys/girls/mixed. Performing arts/state/private/non-specialised

Would it be published by students or teachers or both.

question 5, when you say Attract do you mean by the layout and the masthead name, coloures etc.... or something else.

Yes "attract" by design, offering competitions, cover lines/editorial content/editorial pillars. I.e. what is it on your magazine that would make your user pick it up?

Finally Question 6, What do you mean by technologies employed?

So learning how to use:, blogger, photoshop tools-layers, filtering, cloning, magic wand etc.

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