Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A2 Deadlines

Teasers to be viewed this Friday 19th March.
Please bring your hard drive, camera, tripod and all cables to return.

Posters/ Websites due by 1.30pm on Fri 26th March.
Please save a copy of your website and poster in U:/Year13/Media Studies/Work/YOUR NAME
Make yourself a folder.

All planning work on Blogs by 5pm Weds 31st March. No work will be marked after then.

All evaluations to be presented Fri 23rd April. Presentations will be individual presentations NOT group. They must not last more than 10 minutes. If you are absent, you will just have to upload your presentation to your blog or film yourself presenting. Your mark will also be compromised if this is the case.

Marylebone Media Awards for:

Best sound editing
Best film editing
Best cinematography
Best costume design
Best original screenplay
Best teaser trailer
Best film poster
Best film website

Date: Thurs 22nd April. 3.40pm-4.30pm BL35

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