Monday, 16 March 2009

The 2 week plan

Finish DPS by Friday 20th March (before lesson).
Start Evaluation on Friday.

All finished first draft productions should be on blog by Friday evening. If it's not there by 3.30pm. Please stay behind after school to complete:
Front cover, TOC, DPS.

Feedback will be available by Mon 23rd March, provided that work is uploaded. Any work not uploaded will not receive crucial feedback in time for final entry.

Mon 23rd-Finish evaluation.

Complete re-drafts during the week. Print all final publications as soon as re-drafted on library colour printer.

Mockup plans can be printed on black and white.

On Mon 30th March:

You should have a complete blog with all publications as shown on the checklist on the right of this blog.

You should have printed out:

All mockup plans fully annotated in black and white
Final DPS, TOC and front cover in colour.

Anyone with incomplete work by the deadline of Mon 30th March will be required to come in to school on Thurs 2nd and Fri 3rd April to finish their work.

No work will be accepted for marking after the end of term.

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