Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Food for though-Music magazine cover conventions

Generally speaking
  • 1 main coverline which is larger than all others-generally the artist name. May be in a different font.

  • No text touching the edges

  • Text on the right hand and left hand sides generally line up (use the grid to check this)

  • Strapline/Selling line e.g. The UK's Best Selling Pop Mag.

  • 1 main picture-usually a Midshot or headshot

  • Bold masthead, readable from 3 metres
If you're going against these basic conventions-ask yourself why? Is it justified? Does it work better than convention?

Avoid clutter/OTT. Keep the messages clear.

Look how the coverlines are a good 5mm from the edge and all line up-either left or right aligned.

Similar 5mm rule and also same MAIN COVERLINE and alignment of all other smaller coverlines.

Bold masthead on all magazines
1 main image.

Stick to the convention, unless you have good reason not to.

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